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Assoc Prof Adam Sparks
Area of expertise:
Crop and Pasture Protection (Pests, Diseases and Weeds) (Research Supervisor)
Agricultural Spatial Analysis and Modelling (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Plant Pathology (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
In-field integrated strategic decision approaches; Modelling and data visualization using R; Statistical analysis; Geographic information systems (GIS).
Dr Adam Lam
Area of expertise:
Literature in Chinese (Research Supervisor)
Cultural Studies (Research Supervisor)
Cinema Studies (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)

Dr Afshin Ghahramani
Area of expertise:
Environmental Sciences (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Surface Processes (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Surfacewater Hydrology (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Soil Physics (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Agricultural Systems Analysis and Modelling (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Farming Systems Research (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Agro-ecosystem Functionand Prediction (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Agronomy (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)

Assoc Prof Ahmed Haidar
Area of expertise:
Electrical and Electronic Engineering not elsewhere classified (Research Supervisor)

Professor Aileen Cater-Steel
Area of expertise:
Information Systems not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
IT service management, governance of ICT, software process improvement, IT process and management standards
Dr Albert Kon-Fook Chong
Area of expertise:
Navigation and Position Fixing (Research Supervisor)
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Human Movement and Sports Science (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Image Processing (Research Supervisor)
Human motion, Body wear and older adult fall prediction, Gait biomechanics, Bioengineering, Smartphone Apps for older adult fall study. Diabetic Ulcer Mapping, Kinesiotaping Study, Foot Geometry, Plantar Pressure Study, 3D Laser Scanning, 3D motion tracking, 3D virtual sport simulation, Imaging sensor calibration, High-speed imaging, Near Infrared imaging, Ultraviolet imaging, Videogrammetric Sport, Forensic crime/CCTV investigation.
Professor Alfio Parisi
Area of expertise:
Physical Sciences not elsewhere classified (Research Supervisor)
Atmospheric Sciences not elsewhere classified (Research Supervisor)

Dr Ali Mirzaghorbanali
Area of expertise:
Geomechanics and Resources Geotechnical Engineering (Research Supervisor)
Mining Engineering (Research Supervisor)
Civil Geotechnical Engineering (Research Supervisor)

Dr Alice Brown
Area of expertise:
Early Childhood Education (excl. Maori) (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Higher Education (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
qualitative research, studies with young family's, early childhood health, wellbeing, & active play, early childhood, social ecology, teaching and learning, context, engagement, e-learning and teaching
Dr Alison McCarthy
Area of expertise:
Control Systems, Robotics and Automation (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Irrigation control systems, machine vision for soil and plant sensing, automation
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