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Dr Angela Murphy
Area of expertise:
Curriculum and Pedagogy not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)

Dr Anke Martin
Area of expertise:
Quantitative Genetics (incl. Disease and Trait Mapping Genetics) (Research Supervisor)
Crop and Pasture Protection (Pests, Diseases and Weeds) (Research Supervisor)

Assoc Prof Ann Dashwood
Area of expertise:
Applied Linguistics and Educational Linguistics (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)

Dr Ann Morrison
Area of expertise:
Information and Computing Sciences (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
PhD supervision, engineering, human computer interaction, automation, sensor interaction, wearable technology, Augmented Reality, Natural User Interfaces, Assistive Technology, Animal Computer Interaction
Dr Annette Bromdal
Area of expertise:
Gender, Sexuality and Education (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Sociology not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Medical Ethics (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Correctional Theory, Offender Treatment and Rehabilitation (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Gender Specific Studies (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Sexuality, Gender and Bodies in Sociology of Sport Sexuality, Gender and Bodies in Education Sexuality, Sex and Gender in Health and Wellbeing Discourses Intersex Studies Medical Ethics - Trans* and Intersex Concerns in Sports Medicine, Medicine and Human Rights Lived Transgender and Gender diverse prisoner experiences, their knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding sexual behaviours and HIV/STI concerns Prison officers’ knowledge and attitudes towards transgender and gender diverse offenders, sexual behaviours and HIV/STIs Bioethics Biopedagogy Somatechnology
Dr Antoine Trzcinski
Area of expertise:
Environmental Sciences (Research Supervisor)
Membrane and Separation Technologies (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Non-automotive Combustion and Fuel Engineering (incl. Alternative/Renewable Fuels) (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Wastewater Treatment Processes (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Environmental Engineering (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Environmental Technologies (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
biorefinery, biorefineries, anaerobic digestion, wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, water-energy nexus, biosolids, sustainable bioprocesses, physical and chemical treatment pre-treatments of waste activated sludge, biosorption, AB process, ultrasonication, ozonation, nitrification, partial nitrification, Anammox, molecular biology, Anaerobic membrane bioreactor, Archaea, aerobic membrane bioreactor, anaerobic baffled reactor, landfill leachate, municipal solid waste, industrial wastewaters, anaerobic biodegradability, solid/liquid separation, forward osmosis, biorefineries, added-value products from organic waste, algal residues, fouling reduction in submerged anaerobic MBR using adsorbents and cleaning strategies (relaxation, backflushing), analysis of soluble microbial products (SMP) on GC-MS, food waste fermentation for biofuels production, biofuels production (biodiesel, bioethanol) and reduction of the environmental impact of biosolids (algae waste, wheat bran, coffee waste, soybean hulls, rapeseed meal, sorghum): physico-chemical pre-treatments, fermentation. bioconversion of food waste to sugars using fungal fermentation, hydrolysis, saccharification, recalcitrant chemical, value-added products using bacteria, fungus, lipids production using oleaginous yeasts
Dr Anup Shrestha
Area of expertise:
Information Systems Management (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Information Systems (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Software Engineering (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Business Information Systems (Research Supervisor)
IT Service Management, Process Assessment and Improvement, Design Science Research, Knowledge Management
Professor Armando Apan
Area of expertise:
Geospatial Information Systems (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Environmental Science and Management (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
GIS, geographic information systems, remote sensing, satellite imagery, habitat, mapping, landscape ecology, forest, vegetation, crop, precision agriculture, environment
Assoc Prof Barrie Todhunter
Area of expertise:
Building not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Curriculum and Pedagogy not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Business and Management not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Project management Distance education Postgraduate education Flexible learning
Dr Beata Batorowicz
Area of expertise:
Art Theory and Criticism not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Visual Arts and Crafts not elsewhere classified (Media Contact,Research Supervisor)
Contemporary Art, WWII History and Cultural Memory, Migration and Creative Resilience, Sculpture, Installation Art, Practice-led Research and Creative Art Research Methodologies, Gender Studies in Art, Cultural Theory, Fairy Tales, Mythology and Visual Art Narratives in Art
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